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Coastal Solar Sales is a small family owned and operated business located in 
Victoria TX. Our goal is customer satisfaction.  We offer quality built products 
at competitive prices.  We appreciate hearing from our customers and our prospective customers.  Whether it's a question about our products, a suggestion about an improvement or an idea about a new product, we value your thoughts.
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Coastal Solar Sales - Sailboat Solar Panels with Mounts

Anodized aluminum with stainless fasteners panel mounts
Welcome sailors!  When we first started sailing 25+ years ago, batteries weren't much of a concern (we didn't have any).  When we moved up to a larger sailboat with multiple batteries, I discovered the need to come up with a simpler charging system.  Solar panels seemed like the natural way to go on a sailboat.   Batteries can be expensive and proper maintenance is essential to get the most from them.  I confess, I'm frugal but I also appreciate the value of a quality built product.
Most systems involved the use of battery chargers, extension cords or shore power.  Since most of the time my boat was sitting on a trailer, there wasn't a single good option.  I could have used a flexible panel but they are pricey for the number of amps I needed and I didn't feel comfortable leaving one at a marina or a storage yard out of my sight. Shore power is nice but for just charging batteries; it seemed a bit pricey when added to the price of chargers, marina charges etc.  It also brought the added concern of galvanic corrosion or worse if done improperly.  Even if your sailboat was properly wired (many aren't), you can't always rely on the marina being properly wired.  Having a solar panel for charging eliminates this possible cause of corrosion and lessens other electrical dangers. 
I decided I wanted a solar panel but one that was easy to mount, easily moved and adjustable.  I also wanted to be able to lower it quickly if needed. Docks and piers can sometime damage rigid mounted panels. With this system, good batteries and a proper controller, I could pretty much leave it on it's own, knowing the batteries were being properly maintained. When on the trailer, no more climbing up a ladder, connecting chargers, checking voltages or running extension cords or shore power at a marina.
I came up with a design that fit our needs and then discovered it also helped to extend our cruising range.  It held up well and I had people asking where I bought it.  I built a few more for for other sailboats and a few years after retiring from my previous line of work, we decided to start this website. 
Our models today are basically the same as my first design.  After 14 years the prototype is still functioning great.  

Since we sail in saltwater bays, there was some corrosion on the bare aluminum (Usually the only product available locally) and the electrical connectors. To eliminate as much corrosion as possible, the production versions feature anodized aluminum brackets.  The stainless steel and anodized aluminum are isolated to prevent galvanic corrosion.  MareLube is also used for added protection against corrosion on all fasteners.  

The panels use quality German engineered solar cells built by Q-Cells. The silicon solar cells, held by heavy duty anodized aluminum frames, are laminated with TPT & EVA for longer working life and high efficiency output. Our panes are ISO 9001:2008 - IEC 61215 / 61730 / 61701 (salt mist) MCS certified. They make an ideal power supply for marine use.

Electrical connectors are environmentally sealed to withstand exposure to moisture and corrosion.  The Ancor safety duplex cable uses marine grade tinned wire that meets ABYC specs. Each panel and wiring is doubled checked for proper output before being shipped. 

Patented adjustable mounts allow for easy mounting and adjustment while cruising or anchored.  No tools needed!  The standard panel fit 7/8" and 1" rails.  Measure your rail before ordering.  We also offer optional mounts for larger rails. (1-1/8" -> 1-1/2")  The panel's design also allows it to be easily secured in place with just a wrench.  An optional lock package is also available.
An output power of more than 90% of the minimum peak power within 5 years and more than 80% in 10 years is guaranteed from the manufacturer.  Our mounts and brackets are warrantied for 2 years. Controllers feature a 5 year warranty.  If you have an issue or a question, please contact us.  If you need to ship the panel or a part back, you pay the shipping to us.  If the part is defective we will reimburse you for the shipping.  If a part becomes damaged, we can provide replacement parts at reasonable prices. Contact us for an return authorization number.
We recommend a charge controller to regulate the charging, otherwise your batteries could be damaged from over charging.  There are many brands and types on the market.  We recommend using a name brand model. You don't want one to start smoking when you aren't around.  Selecting a controller can be confusing.  We carry Morningstar controllers.  See our section on controllers for more information.
The panel price includes six feet of cable, with a connector on the panel itself.  We can add to this length additional cable for your installation.  If you are selecting a cable yourself, be sure to choose a marine rated cable of sufficient size to lessen voltage drop.  Try to keep voltage drop to less than 3%. See chart for proper sizing. 
If you know which product you want or if you have a question about a product, please contact us. Need a controller? - Contact us about free shipping on controllers with a panel purchase.  There are also different wiring options available.  If you have a different mounting need than what you see here, please contact us.  The standard panels fit 7/8" and 1" rails.
We try to maintain an adequate inventory but at times we may be out of product.  We normally have additional stock available within a few days.  

We post the current availability of our products but there may times our inventory may not reflect sales for that day.

Feel free to contact us to check on current availability of the product you are interested in.
If upon delivery and inspection, you wish to return the new, uninstalled, panel, contact us for a return authorization number. Upon our inspection of the returned panel, we will refund your purchase price. You only pay for the shipping. Custom / special orders are not returnable but are covered from defects by the manufacturer's warranty, see above. 
Payments and invoicing are done through Pay-Pal.  You will receive an invoice through PayPal's secure website.  You do not need to have a PayPal account.  If you have questions about payment options, contact us.
Sailboat rail mount (No tools needed)
    NTN Certified - No Tools  Needed to mount panel to rail.
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