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Sailboat solar panels
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Sailboat Solar Panels 
For Charging and Maintaining 
Batteries of Daysailers to Mid Size Cruisers
"No Tools Needed" *
Simple Solar Power
Solar panel mounted on aft sailboat rail
Our adjustable solar panels mount easily to rails (No tools needed).  Simply remove  panel from carton and install in minutes.  Easily removed as well.  (Panel comes with a locking fastener - lock kit also available)

At anchor, in a marina, on a mooring or a trailer, solar is a simpler way to charge and maintain your batteries.  Proper battery maintenance is important but can be time consuming.  We can help you get more enjoyment from your sailboat and actually save you money.

Whether used as an alternative or to supplement  shorepower & chargers, solar can save you time and money.  Solar can also be a simpler and safer alternative.  

Adjustable panels can increase the output available compared to fixed panels. Being able to lower the panel also decreases risks of damage while docking or maneuvering in tight areas. Works well on both sailboats and powerboats.
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20watt panel*
We offer a unique solar panel system for sailboats. We produce panels for daysailers, weekenders or even longer distance cruisers.  From trailer sailers to mid size cruisers, our panels can simplify your battery upkeep, extend your cruising range and make life with your sailboat easier. All of our solar panels include rail mounts that can be easily installed on most sailboat railings.  All materials used are designed to minimize or eliminate corrosion issues.
40watt panel*
Sailboat solar panel aft rail mounting
By combining two panels you can double your output.
Sailboat at anchor
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Twin Packages
Sailboat solar panel rail mounting
Sailboat solar panel twin
Sailboats in marina - solar charging
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Coastal Solar Sales - Sailboat Solar Panels with Mounts
Sailboats on mooring solar charging
Sailboat solar panel
80watt panel
Coastal Solar Sales
Easy to mount, adjustable solar panels 
for sailboats.  (No tools needed) 

At anchor, on a mooring, slip or a trailer,
the easier way to charge and maintain
your sailboat batteries.

The safer, easier alternative to shore power, extension cords & chargers.
Sailboat solar panel on aft rail
Sailboat panel on port rail
Welcome sailors!   Come aboard and look around.

When we got into sailboats 20 plus years ago, batteries weren't much of a concern (we didn't have any).  However when we moved up to a larger sailboat with multiple batteries, we discovered the need to come up with a simpler and better charging system.  Solar panels seemed like the natural way to go on a sailboat.  

Batteries can be expensive and proper maintenance is essential to get the most from them.  I confess I'm frugal but I also appreciate the value of a quality built product and the money it can save you.  Our panels and mounts make it simple.  
We hope you enjoy the site & contact us with any questions or comments.  Contact us to see if our solar panels could be a solution for you.

 ~  Fair winds.
Marine Solar Panels
      Panel Materials
Our panels, brackets and clamps are built of corrosion resistant anodized aluminum (not the less expensive uncoated, bare aluminum from the local hardware store).  We also use tinned, certified marine safety cable, stainless steel fasteners and weatherproof wiring connectors to build a high quality, corrosion resistant marine product.
20watt Solar Panel
20watt Solar Panel
Sailboats in marina solar charging
Sailboat solar charging while sailing
Trailer sailers solar charging
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Sailboat Solar Panel vertical
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